Jennifer L. Young MD, Robotic Urologic Surgeon

Patient stories



July 6, 2012


Subject:  Thank you again for saving my life


 Hello Dr. Young, this coming August three years will have passed since you have given me an extension on life at the VA Hospital in Long Beach.  The early detection and removal of my cancerous prostate that you and your staff performed, saved my life and prompted my fellow soldiers to present you with a flag that was flown over Iraq to show their appreciation for saving their First Sergeant’s life (my life) and I hope that you still have that flag with you. Since then the Soldiers of the 1/140th Aviation Battalion (Air Assault) have  been running for a cure and wanted to ask permission to add your name to their Hero List of professionals that have helped fellow soldiers in need. Even though military families will mostly read the list, it shows the appreciation of every soldier for professionals such as you. I hope all is well with you and on a personal note I am so lucky to have had you as my Doctor and I miss seeing you around the VA Hospital.


With Kind Regards…

1SG Fred Sapasap

US Army (Ret)